About Us

What is Mucking.org

Currently this site is being designed by a sole developer who competed in and greatly enjoyed mucking looking for ways to help enable communication and coordination throughout the event.

What is Mucking

May 2, 1972 fire broke out in the Sunshine Mine, near Kellogg, Idaho. At the time 178 miners were working in the mine. Carbon monoxide, heat and smoke spread quickly through the tunnels, hampering the efforts of rescue workers. Initially, 85 miners escaped safely and two more were rescued seven days later.

May 13, 1972 the last of the 91 victims were brought out. The Sunshine Mine fire was the country’s worst hard rock mining disaster since 1917. The Intercollegiate Mining (Mucking) Competition started 41 years ago and is dedicated to the victims of the Sunshine Mine disaster, as well as all miners who have perished in the line of duty. The goal of the competition is to keep old-mining techniques alive, as well as strengthen the camaraderie of the mining students of today.

My Aim

My goal is for Mucking.org to be the repository for images and scores from past International Intercollegiate Mining Games as well as an information hub for current competitors. The future is full of possibilities for the site and a few of the things I have in mind are listed below


  • Legal Stuff (Terms of service and privacy policy)
  • Deployment Stuff (static content, SSL, distro upgrade, etc)
  • Test, Test, Test
  • Hosted Webpage
  • View past competition scores
  • Sort teams by event score
  • Cookie Notification for our friends across the pond
  • Allow judges to upload/modify scores for the current year
  • have a listing of the best event scores ever
  • Allow hosts to post announcements or rules for registered users to view
  • Streamline Judge score input (multiple teams at once)
  • Allow users to log in and upload information or photos (No current use for anyone other than judges/hosts)
  • Improve Score entry
  • Further Improve Score entry, allow for units
  • Implement Host Delete feature for teams/comps
  • Make Scoreboard for displaying current competition
  • Allow Host to assign edit permissions for judges
  • Allow Team registration though an online source (dependent on host interest for the 2020 competition)
  • Accordion Roadmap so this page doesn't go wild